Opportunities, challenges, risks: resilient supply chains of the future

Trust Square Aug 12, 2021 3:17:55 PM
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If you are a Supply Chain Executive wondering how to best mitigate supply chain risk or making sense of opportunities and challenges around sustainability, supply chain finance, digitalization or talent, join our group of experts.   

As THE Supply Chain Think Tank in Switzerland, Trust Square and Peer Consult regularly bring together Switzerland's top Supply Chain decision makers in an intimate environment where we solve challenges together as peers and inspire each other to become even better in what we do. 

During an exciting first session in July, the Supply Chain Think Tank team engaged in a great debate on what resilience actually means. Whilst collaboration, visibility, flexibility and control are the key pillars to work on, there will always be some risks out there that won’t be captured in any assessment - and can take us by surprise. Therefore, the team engaged in a workshop and started plotting risks that could lie behind the horizon. During the peer consulting sessions, the think tank participants got a deep insight into the root causes behind the global transport capacity shortages by two of the funding partners and shared cross-industry experiences. It may not come as a surprise,  but “muscling” through the current situation could well be the best we can currently do.  

Asking our members which topics keep them awake at night and which ones they want to discuss with their peers, the group created a word cloud. If these topics reflect your personal and professional interests, you definitely have to follow us!

Do you want to be part of the Supply Chain Think Tank? Are you a regional or global Supply Chain Head with the motivation and dedication to dig into resilience in Supply Chain? Apply by email to supplychain@trustsquare.ch. Send us a short intro and a link to your LinkedIn profile and we'll get back to you!

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