Trust Square Supply Chain Think Tank by Peer Consult - About Benchmarking and what is sustainability of the last mile

Trust Square Feb 17, 2022 12:51:38 PM
Yesterday we successfully hosted the 5th session of the Trust Square Supply Chain Think Tank by Peer Consult. 25 experts in Supply Chain met to discuss pressing needs in their day to day operations. Resilience at its core, we did a deep dive into currently available tools to benchmark your own supply chains resilience. Taking the 2021 published "Resilient Supply Chain Benchmark" by The Economist, Intelligence Unit and The Association for Supply Chain Management, we discussed its use, limitations, and possibilities to assess, measure and develop your supply chain. The intense discussions showed how important transparency, reflection and use of such measurement are to further develop supply chain is.
In the second part of the session, we started to look into the topic of sustainability by challenging the real sustainability of the last mile in supply chain. What are the possibilities for transportation to become green, which technologies are worth a shot and what remains below the line of the whole life cycle. First movers in green transportation like Planzer showed their current projects and experiences with electrical trucks as well as their intense railway system. Intense discussions about the "going green" strategies of companies like Hilti, Nestlé or Coop led to even more questions, what the best way to go will be.
If you are a global or regional supply chain manager with complex supply chain challenges, this might be a group you want to join?
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