Cyber Circle #3 Why do key business initiatives fail - using cyber security as an example

Trust Square Mar 31, 2022 2:58:55 PM

Many organizations are built in silos and only selectively empower teams to act horizontally. But there are initiatives that simply cannot follow these rules. Cyber security is not a task of a job or a department. It is culture, a mandate for action and a "key success factor" all in one. Therefore, senior leadership, management, risk dashboards, business units and individuals alike must be picked up to make security even possible. In this third Cyber Circle, Speaker Simon Merki and Kristina Tanasic put this challenge under the microscope. The big questions were: Is this even possible? Where do we start and what can we say?

In addition to inspiring words from the community, the "World Café" was a way to figure out how to engage key allies like HR and marketing for the purpose of organizational empowerment. The divergence of departmental goals was a particularly powerful illustration of how much organizations still need to work on their culture and goal-setting to collectively achieve greater safety. We also identified points of contact where collaboration can become a win-win situation with regard to a more pronounced safety culture. This is where our members will now better achieve their goals within the company and, together with new alliances, achieve greater leverage. The goal of the Cyber Circle is to empower corporate information security leaders on their mission. In doing so, participants gain insights into methodologies from research and, at the same time, from the everyday life of companies, making the feasibility of a security strategy more tangible. Trust Square is proud to be Host and Funding Partner of the Cyber Security Circles. Stay tuned for the next event taking place on May 17, 2022.