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Creating Digital Property Rights Using Blockchain

17 MAY 2022 / Hybrid

Blockchain promises to decentralize the control over public information but the real challenge is decentralizing control over private information. Public ledgers struggle with this, but new technologies make it possible today to envision an alternative information paradigm in which users can own their data. In this talk, I will outline how such a system can look like and how blockchain can be used to create digital property rights.

The secrets of successful women in tech

The Secrets of Successful Women in Tech

09 June 2022 / ETH Zürich

Learn directly from the experience of successful women. Join the discussion about finding the right employer, female leadership and more at this event hosted by Esther van Laarhoven-Smits, Associate Partner at EY, Anela Koldzic (Weiss), Partner at EY and Stacia Carr, VP Size & Fit at Zalando SE.

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26 - 28 Aug 2022 / Hybrid

For the 3rd time, Trust Square is hosting the leading Swiss Blockchain Hackathon in Zurich supported by the Swiss Blockchain Federation. Leading protocols and leading international companies and 200+ hackers will be on their quest to solve real-life cases. Don’t miss the kick-off weekend on 26-28 August 2022. Stay tuned for all news on the event here.

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Join NEAR in Building a Web3 World

9 May 2022 / Zürich

NEAR is a collective, a foundation, and a development platform built on a new layer-one blockchain with visionary plans to reimagine the web. Take the chance to meet the NEAR team at Trust Square in Zurich on May 9th to gain exciting updates on the Ecosystem. The NEAR team have special activation planned for attendees. Curious? You'll have to join the event to find out more.

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How can #DAOs help us achieve #zerocarbon in #architecture?

26 APR 2022 / Zurich

Join our next Lecture Series with Dr. Theodore Dounas, architect and learning excellence leader at Robert Gordon University. Lecture Series is an initiative by UZH Blockchain Center, TRUST SQUARE and Dezentrum Think & Do Tank and is sponsored by the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon. We are looking forward to welcoming you!


Club3 meetup: Web3 privacy (powered by ChainSecurity)

5 APR 2022 / Zurich

Emilie Raffo, founding partner and sales director of ChainSecurity will introduce this meetup followed by a speech of Dr. David Sommer on the topic "Privacy 101", Alain Brenzikofer will talk about Integritee and last but not least Sebastian Bürgel will share insights about Hopr.

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Cyber Circle #3 Why do key business initiatives fail - using cyber security as an example

24 March 2022 - Zurich

Many organizations are built in silos and only selectively empower teams to act horizontally. But there are initiatives that simply cannot follow these rules. Cyber security is not a task of a job or a department. It is culture, a mandate for action and a "key success factor" all in one. Therefore, senior leadership, management, risk dashboards, business units and individuals alike must be picked up to make security even possible. In this third Cyber Circle, Speaker Simon Merki and Kristina Tanasic put this challenge under the microscope. The big questions were: Is this even possible? Where do we start and what can we say? Read more about this topic in our blog!

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Transaction Dynamics of Blockchain and Predictable Bitcoin Bubbles

29 March 2022 / online

Prof. Sornette will talk about Bitcoin Blockchain transaction dynamics and predictable Bitcoin bubbles as innovation accelerators. You will learn about bubble dynamics and what can be concluded from them. The social bubble hypothesis applied to Bitcoin will be discussed. Last but not least, Prof. Sornette will discuss the question of whether cryptocurrencies will replace fiat money.

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Polkadot Meetup for Developers

31 March 2022 - Hybrid

Are you a developer interested in Polkadot? Join us for our fifth hybrid setup on Thursday 31 March 2022 at Trust Square’s Rennweg hub and remote! Participate in the discussion, share your ideas, and find like minded peers. The speakers will be: Radha Dasari from Web3 Foundation and William Freudenberger from BOTLabs GmbH / KILT Protocol. We are looking forward to seeing you offline and online!

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How to Start your Own NFT Project

28 March 2022 - Zurich

Join Trustsquares resident experts in this first-ever NFT session! This is for you if you ever wanted to start your own NFT project but don't know where to start. Our resident NFT experts will first provide you with an overview of how to get started before being available for discussions over drinks to dive deeper into any issues.



29-31 OCT 2021 / Zurich, Lugano, Geneva & online

Project teams, both on site and remote will have 60 hours to develop innovative blockchain prototypes. The most promising ideas across the different verticals will move on to the next stage and go through the corporate acceleration phase.

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Smart Contracts: Comparative Analysis of Regulatory Frameworks

21 SEP 2021 / online

Smart contracts increasingly gain importance, for DLT-transactions in financial markets (DLT securities), for supply chain businesses or for the acquisition of art (NFT). Since international legal instruments governing smart contracts do not exist, national law is applicable. The three presentations analyse the legal frameworks in different jurisdictions: Switzerland, Europe, Turkey, USA and United Kingdom.


Supply Chain Think Tank

16 SEP 2021 / Zurich

Here’s the agenda for the upcoming Supply Chain Think Tank session: We're going to dive into the topic of Supply Chain Resilience by starting off with an inspiring Lightning Talk by Hilti. They'll share insights into a model that guides them and their teams on their journey to becoming resilient and making the supply chain organization at Hilti fit for the next disruptive events – especially for those that still lie beyond the horizon of what we can imagine. We will also focus on Digital in Supply Chains. Miebach will present key insights into what we Supply Chain Executives need to know when it comes to a topic that is most likely on all our agendas but difficult to fully grasp. We’ll also try to get our heads around the question regarding which specific “Technologies & Solutions” can support Supply Chains in becoming more resilient and what we need to do to embark on the journey of “Digital Transformation”.

Polkadot Meetup - Trust Square - 31-08-21

Polkadot Meetup for Developers

31 AUG 2021, Zurich

Are you a developer interested in Polkadot? Join us for our first hybrid meetup on 31 August 2021, 16.00-18.30, at Trust Square’s Rennweg hub and remote!Participate in the discussion, share your ideas, and find like minded peers.This meetup is split in 3 parts, we’ll start with a “behind the Polkadot scene” introduction, setting the tone for the following breakout sessions, after which we’ll come together again to share the findings.Apply to host a breakout session: you can submit your challenges or ideas and become the host of one of the breakout sessions - and have other devs help you drive your project forward.In the third part, you will share your findings with all attendees - and those who join us at Trust Square, enjoy some drinks!


Two Blockchain Scenarios: Agriculture Index Insurance and Supply Chain Finance

8 JUN 2021 / online

Prof. Dr. FangFang Tang, Professor of Economics, Finance and Marketing at the National School of Development & BiMBA at Peking University will take a close look at two blockchain scenarios: Agriculture Index Insurance and Supply Chain Finance. Prof. Dr. Tang will talk about the Chinese agriculture insurance market and the application of Blockchain technology in supply chain finance.


Don’t forget the people! Self-organising communities and the crypto.

20 APR 2021 / online

Join the next Lecture Series with Dr. Andrea Baronchelli, Reader at the Department of Mathematics at City University London, who will talk about social dynamics shaping different aspects of the cryptocurrency system. Mr. Baronchelli will not only focus on the resilience of dark market ecosystems and what role "migrating users" play, he will also highlight the role of developers contributing to the code of more than one cryptocurrency. Findings identify a clear link between the collaborative development of cryptocurrencies and their market behaviour. To learn more about self-organising communities and the crypto, save April 20, 6-8 p.m. and register above.The UZH Blockchain Centre, Trust Square and Dezentrum are looking forward to welcoming all of you!

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Do you need a blockchain in construction?

15 MAY 2021 / online

Blockchain provides an opportunity to integrate digital information, management, and contracts to increase trust and collaboration within the construction industry. In this session, Daniel Hall, Assistant Professor of Innovative and Industrial Construction at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering of ETH Zurich and Jens Hunhevicz, PhD candidate at the chair of innovative and industrial construction, ETH Zurich, will explain how Blockchain enables new forms of finance, planning and procurement.The UZH Blockchain Centre, Trust Square and Dezentrum are looking forward to welcoming all of you!

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