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04.02.2023 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

Understand that you cannot reinvent a Business, without reinventing the Person who leads that business FIRST. Learn how to rule your reality, instead of being ruled by it.Kill anxiety, stress, and burnout by finding your true north. This will be a day full of UNIQUE content that will shift your mindset and life forever.

C3 Event

2023 Kick-Off Club3 Meetup

07.02.2023 | Trust Square Rennweg

This is the big comeback for the 2023 Season of Club 3 Meetups!They are coming back in full swing and will tackle the MEV's history, present, and future with some amazing speakers. Meetups occur on the first Tuesday of the month.

Swiss Startup Conference 2023

Switzerland Startup Conference 2023

09.02.2023 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

The Swiss Startup Conference 2023 brings together hundreds of Swiss Startup Founders and International Investors. This event is in-person and it is free-to-attend.


Lecture Series FS23

24.01.20233 | Online

Prof. Lin William Cong will discuss several projects assembling diverse sets of public, proprietary, and hand-collected data. How to use large-scale computation and big data, on-chain and off-chain, to investigate wash trading, tax manipulation, ransomware, scams, mining concentration, network wealth inequality, and financial exclusion?

Current Trends in the Swiss IT Job Market

Current Trends in the Swiss IT Job Market

23.01.2023 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

We will discuss the ongoing changes in the Swiss IT job market. Team at SwissDevJobs has just recently published the "Transparent IT Job Market Report 2022" and will give insights how Covid and remote work changed the working conditions in the Swiss Tech market.

Crypto Mondays January 2023

Facing 2023: trends, challenges, and pitfalls

23.01.2023 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

As 2023 kicks off and the WEF wraps up, what better time to look into the headwinds before us and examine the best tools in our arsenal to address the challenges ahead? By common consensus, 2022 wasn't easy - but we built in bear season - so let's see what 2023 might bring us.

Degen, Marc

Blockchain Hub Davos 2023

18.01.2023 | Promenade 69 | Davos

Join our Marc Degen in Davos this January! He will be speaking at the Blockchain Hub Davos 2023. Use this meaningful opportunity to talk more about blockchain, digital assets, DeFi, and more! Register to join (in-person or virtually) the Blockchain Hub Davos.


Algorand Meetup Zurich

12.01.2023 | George 5 Gessnerallee 8001 Zürich

Join the Algorand Community tonight at 8 pm for the Zurich Meetup! You will meet people working for Algorand and in their ecosystem. The first 15 guests to arrive will get a pre-funded Algorand wallet, and in one of them will be an Algorand Space Monkey NFT on top.

8001 City Lounge flyer

8001 City Lounge Opening

22.12.2022 | 17.00-20.00h | Trust Square Paradeplatz

Welcome! To end a year in the big style, we will have a 8001 City Lounge Opening at the Trust Square Ecosystem at Paradeplatz!The 8001 City Lounge is a bistro, lounge, bar, and fine dining pop-up. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Christmas Aperitif and Gault & Millau token launch

21. December 2022 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

Welcome to our Christmas Aperitif and final arte Experience MeetUp of the year. We will showcase a one-of-a-kind piece of NFT project from the esteemed Gault & Millau. The MeetUp is jointly hosted by Trust Square and Tokengate.

Trusted Innovation Meetup

Trusted Innovation Meetup

13. December 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

Greeny+ and Tokengate have created the greeny+ 4D Future Printer NFTs. These asset-backed NFTs with added utility represent an innovative and exciting use case for NFTs (and tokenization in general) and a new frontier that showcases the power of the Tokengate platform. Find out more on this Meetup!

Swiss DAO

Fist Community Gathering

14. December 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

SwissDAO is the first DAO for Switzerland with web3 spaces with tinkering meet-ups, workshops, and hacker houses in real life. They advocate for Decentralisation, Trustless Systems, Entrepreneurship, Open Source and Learning by doing.

Football at Trust Square

Worldcup at Trust Square

20.11.-18.12. 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse 5-7

During the FIFA World Cup 2022, we will have streamings at the new Trust Square Collabspace. The streamings will occur when the Swiss national team play. Let's have some fun together!

Ukrainian Business Outlook Meetup

Ukrainian Business Outlook Meetup

8. December 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

Global Business for Ukraine, Trust Square, and the European Business Association in Ukraine are happy to invite you to the discussion ‘Ukraine Business Outlook: Managing business in wartime’.

Swiss Startup Meetup

The Switzerland Startup Meetup

9. December 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

The Switzerland Startup Metup 2022 brings together thousands of Swiss Startup Founders and International Investors. It will be in-person and free to attend. The 2021 edition attracted over 1,400 attendees.

Crypto Mondays December

Aave in the spotlight

5. December 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

Following the FTX crisis, it is even more apparent that DeFi is the answer. Aave has gained a reputation for being one of the most resilient DeFi protocols. Join us as Graham Nelson from Aave sheds light on insights from building truly decentralised zed finance that can help prevent another FTX crisis.

DAO Symposium

DAO Symposium

29. November | Trust Square Poststrasse

DAOs are a new and revolutionary form of organisations that manage assets and activities with smart contracts on a blockchain. What are the drivers and challenges of this new phenomenon? Find out at the DAO Symposium.

Arte Experience Meetup

Arte Experience Meetup

30. November 2022 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

VIVENTS by artdeal is a digital marketplace that sets a new benchmark in Art & Luxury e-commerce industry and NFTs. They will be on-site at TrustSquare, and you will have the opportunity to admire their exclusive drops on our screens. Pre-register here.

Click Click Boom

Click, click, boom

29. November 2022 | Trust Square Rennweg

What Human Centered Security can solve and what not? We will talk about the failure of technology, a lack of awareness of the problem in management, and people at the center.



24. November 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

The project seeks to rebuild severely threatened coral reefs. By collecting NFTs, which represent the animals of the reef, you can actively help to finance the rebuild of the reefs in real life. Register now to save your spot.

Trustsoft Event Photo

AWS Cloud Meetup

24. November 2022 | Trust Square Rennweg

Do you have a good database migration strategy? Come to this workshop organised by Trustsoft and AWS. Deepen your knowledge about the migration process, Oracle and open-source licenses, and more.

Crypto Mondays November

DeFi fragility

14. November 2022 | Trust Square Paradeplatz

The crash of the crypto hedge fund "Three Arrows Capital" shook the DeFi world this past summer, following various other scandals and revelations from the crypto & DeFi world. Where does the DeFi ecosystem stand now?

Startup Nights

Startup Nights 2022

3-4. November 2022 | Eulachhallen Winterthur

The Startup Nights go into their sixth round. Be right in the middle of it on November 3 and 4 in Winterthur. Founders, investors and keynote speakers meet fascinated visitors. It is a place to meet to inspire each other, educate ourselves, network and celebrate!

Lecture Series 2 HS22

Lecture Series HS22

1. November |  Online

In this talk, Victoria Lemieux will draw on recent research and writing, including her latest book Searching For Trust: 'Blockchain Technology in an Age of Disinformation' to share insights from explorations of blockchains as socio-informational-technical systems.

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Industry Blockchain Roundtable

31. October 2022 | Innovation Park

The SBF working group and the Switzerland Innovation Park in Rotkreuz invite you to the 4th Industry Blockchain Roundtable. The topic of the Roundtable is: What challenges can Blockchain technology solve in the energy transition?

Crypto Mondays October

How VCs invest in a crypto winter

24 October 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

Have you ever wondered why crypto projects are valued the way they are? Or how VCs make decisions in a sea of interesting projects? Find out this and more on the next Crypto Monday edition.

Swiss digital days

Swiss Digital Days

5. September – 27 October 2022 | Hybrid

Trust Square is a partner of this year's Swiss Digital Days. We are especially excited about the GreenTech Startup Battle, a competition showcasing Swiss-made sustainable innovation to all of Switzerland.

TBTA Think Tank

(TBTA) Q3 2022 Think Tank

20. October 2022 | Hotel Dante Lugano

On this Think Tank, organised by the Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association you can find out more about: 'Web3.0 : From Blockchain and NFTs to Verifiable Credentials.' Click to find out more.

Swiss EP  (1)

Peer Exchange Meetup

26 – 30. September 2022 | Blue Lion Zürich

Peer Exchange Meetup is an inspirational and informative week hosted by the Swiss EP. The event provides networking and exchanges of best practices with managers of international startup programs, Swiss Startup Ecosystem, and other international guests.

Swiss Blockchain Federation

Member Event

21. September 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

The Swiss Blockchain Federation is a public-private partnership, combining agents from the blockchain sector, the fields of politics and economics, the scientific community, and the public sphere. It is an honour to welcome their members to our community space. This event is for members only.

Crypto Mondays Spetember

Swiss Digital Days Edition

20 September | Trust Square Poststrasse

This CryptoMondays is part of the nationwide Swiss Digital Days events series. We are exploring Switzerland's blockchain ecosystem, together with Alexander E. Brunner and Pascal Ihle. The experience they bring will make this event truly unique.

Lecture Series HS22

First of Lecture Series HS22

20 September 2022 | UZH, Rämistrasse 7 | Zoom

In this talk, Vili Lehdonvirta, Professor at University of Oxford, will use the stories of Bitcoin and The DAO to examine crypto-anarchists’ attempts to replace untrustworthy human authorities with incorruptible software code.



16 - 18. Sep 2022 | Hybrid

For the 3rd time, Trust Square is hosting the leading Swiss Blockchain Hackathon in Zurich supported by the Swiss Blockchain Federation. This year, SBHACK will partner with HackZurich, bringing Blockchain & Web3 to Europe's largest and most prestigious hackathon.

Etherum Zurich


15 – 17. September 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse +

The first specialized Ethereum event in Zurich. Learn and understand what DeFi can do – no speculation, just endless opportunities. Join us, meet us, make new friends from all over the world.

BAS Event at Trust Square

Bitcoin Self-Custody

15.09.2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

'Bitcoin self-custody to be the standard'. Why are ever more people beginning to entrust their Bitcoin to banks, exchanges, and other large custodians? David Knezic, founder of Pocket Bitcoin, answers these questions and more.

CV Summit Zug

CV Summit 2022

14-15.09.2022 | Artherstrasse 4, 6300 Zug

The CV Summit is designed to facilitate high-level discourse and showcase the Swiss blockchain ecosystem as one of the leading blockchain innovation and investment landscapes in the world.This event series gathers investors, corporates, and high-profile individuals.

Global Shapers

Global Shapers

23 August 2022 | Trust Square Poststrasse

Trust Square supports Global Shapers, a global network of young people. Initiated by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the Global Shapers Community seeks to unite purpose-driven people between 20 and 30 years who want to develop their leadership potential towards serving society.


Future & Adoption of Wallets

18 July 2022 | Trust Square Rennweg

CryptoMondays is a decentralised global community with a passion for Blockchain, Web3, Bitcoin, and Crypto topics and how it's going to change the world. At these events, like-minded people share their views, network, learn and have a great time together.


Decentralized Autonomous Organization and the Law

5 July 2022 | Hybrid

Join this lecture to explore the following questions:What is a Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (#DAO) from a legal point of view? What is at stake in qualifying a DAO as a company? What is the law governing a DAO?

Crypto Monday

Back to the decentralisation drawing board

20 June 2022 | Trust Square Rennweg

We are excited to host CryptoMondays. In this edition, renowned speaker, developer, and visionary in Bitcoin History Mike Hearn will take the microphone. He will speak about the importance and difficulties of truly decentralised applications.


Policies and Governance for Inclusive Crypto Protocols

14 June 2022 | Online

So far, most blockchain protocol design is focused on basic functionality, security, and stability. This lecture explores how these protocols might someday incorporate higher aspirations, from ensuring decentralisation of power to protecting human rights.

The secrets of successful women in tech

The Secrets of Successful Women in Tech

09 June 2022 | ETH Zürich

Learn directly from the experience of successful women. Join the discussion about finding the right employer, female leadership and more at this event hosted by Esther van Laarhoven-Smits, Associate Partner at EY, Anela Koldzic (Weiss), Partner at EY and Stacia Carr, VP Size & Fit at Zalando SE.


Samstagsnachmittagsparty - SaNaPa & NFT's

04 June 2022 | House of Satoshi Zürich

House of Satoshi, Switzerland's first store for Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto, is hosting a party you don't want to miss. It is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about NFTs and enjoys partying. DJs Azmo and Ruben Coslada will keep the party going into the evening.


Creating Digital Property Rights Using Blockchain

17 MAY 2022 | Hybrid

Blockchain promises to decentralise the control over public information, but the real challenge is decentralising control over private information. In this talk, Prof. Co-Piere will outline how such a system can look like and how to use blockchain to create digital property rights.

Near Event

Join NEAR in Building a Web3 World

9 May 2022 | Zurich

NEAR is a collective, a foundation, and a development platform built on a new layer-one blockchain with visionary plans to reimagine the web. Meet the NEAR team at Trust Square to gain exciting updates on the Ecosystem.

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Lecture by Dr. Dounas

26 April 2022 | Zurich

How can #DAOs help us achieve #zerocarbon in #architecture? Welcome to our next Lecture Series with Dr. Theodore Dounas from Robert Gordon University. Lecture Series is an initiative by UZH Blockchain Center, Trust Square, and Dezentrum. It is sponsored by the Swiss Blockchain Hackathon.


Club3 Meetup: Web3 privacy

5 April 2022 | Zurich

Emilie Raffo, founding partner and sales director of ChainSecurity will introduce this meetup followed by a speech by Dr. David Sommer on the topic "Privacy 101". Alain Brenzikofer talks about Integritee, and last but not least Sebastian Bürgel shares insights about Hopr.

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Cyber Circle

24 March 2022 | Zurich

Cyber security is culture, a mandate for action, and a "key success factor" all in one. At this Cyber Circle, speakers Simon Merki and Kristina Tanasic put this challenge under the microscope. The big questions are: Is this even possible? Where do we start, and what can we say?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 10.58.20

Transaction Dynamics

29 March 2022 | online

Prof. Sornette talks about Bitcoin Blockchain transaction dynamics and predictable Bitcoin bubbles as innovation accelerators. You will learn about bubble dynamics and what conclusions come from them. We will also discuss the question of whether cryptocurrencies will replace fiat money.


Polkadot Meetup for Developers

31 March 2022 | Hybrid

Are you a developer interested in Polkadot? Join us for our fifth hybrid setup on-site or remotely! Participate in the discussion, share your ideas, and find like-minded peers. The speakers will be Radha Dasari from Web3 Foundation and William Freudenberger from BOTLabs GmbH / KILT Protocol. Welcome!

Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-29 um 13.40.30

How to Start your Own NFT Project

28 March 2022 | Zurich

Join Trustsquares resident experts in this first-ever NFT session! This is for you if you ever wanted to start your own NFT project but don't know where to start. Our resident NFT experts will first provide you with an overview of how to get started before being available for discussions over drinks to dive deeper into any issues.



29-31 October 2021 | Zurich, Lugano, Geneva & online

Project teams, both on site and remote will have 60 hours to develop innovative blockchain prototypes. The most promising ideas across the different verticals will move on to the next stage and go through the corporate acceleration phase.

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts

21 September 2021 | online

Smart contracts increasingly gain importance for DLT transactions in financial markets, supply chain businesses, or the acquisition of art (NFT). Since international legal instruments do not exist, national law is applicable. We analyse the legal frameworks in different jurisdictions.

Supply Chain Think-Tank

Supply Chain Think Tank

16 September 2021 | Zurich

This Think Tank is dedicated to Supply Chain topics. We are trying to get our heads around the question regarding which specific technologies and solutions can support Supply Chains in becoming more resilient and what we need to do to embark on the journey of Digital Transformation.

Polkadot Meetup | 31 August | Trust Square

Polkadot Meetup for Developers

31 August 2021 | Zurich

Are you a developer interested in Polkadot? Join us for our first hybrid meetup on 31 August 2021, 16.00-18.30, at Trust Square’s Rennweg hub and remote!Participate in the discussion, share your ideas, and find like minded peers.

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