Learnings from the Women in Tech Switzerland Think Tank

Trust Square Oct 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM
women in tech think tank overview

Thank you to each and everyone of you who joined our first Think Tank meeting of Women in Tech Switzerland 22 September 2020. There were many interesting stories, points, suggestions, views and solutions. We still have a long way to go, but are confident, that we will get there in the end. 


Key Learnings / solutions in relation to gender equality:





Our first Think Tank meeting has divided our actions into 4 areas

1. Research / publications / surveys

2. Education 

3. Company culture

4. Politicians  


Re. 1 Research / publications / surveys


As discussed last time, there is so much documentation and best practices already out there. Consequently, we agreed to leverage on this.

We have identified Edge (providing global business certification for gender equality) and Advance (the business association for gender equality) as two of the biggest players. 

However, please let us know of other players, gender equality initiatives in the market. 

Our first step is to map the players and initiatives in the market and find out, how we can add value and cooperate. 

Action: At our next meeting we would like to hear, if you know about other important players and initiatives, and how you think that we can add value in the existing market and partner up, co-operate with the existing players / initiatives. 



As agreed, we will launch an awareness campaign on LinkedIn on all the research that is out there to show, that gender equality is in the interest of men, women, companies and society. 

Action: We need a small group of 2-3 persons from the Think Tank to plan this initiative. 


Re. 2 Education

Education was also an important topic discussed at our last meeting. Research shows that children’s career choices are influenced by gender stereotypes. 

Consequently, showing children role models might change their perception of which career is for men and women. 

MOD-ELLE is an association that has built up a network of teachers, volunteers, school managers and institutional partners to have role models from all walks of life go into classrooms and talk with children about their jobs, inspiring them to pursue their dreams, irrespective of their gender.

Action: If you know of other similar initiatives please let us know at the next meeting. 

This is part of our mapping the players and initiatives in the market and find out, how we can add value and cooperate.


Re. 3 Company culture 

This focus area is linked to mapping the players and initiatives in the market. Once this is done, we will draft an action plan and execute it. 


Re. 4 Politicians

Involving politicians in order to create outside 

pressure should be done after we have drafted our action plan. 


Would you like to join our next Think Tank meeting?

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