Launch of the Women in Tech Switzerland Think Tank

Trust Square Aug 24, 2020 10:00:00 AM
WITS Think Tank

A place to develop new ideas, expand the scope of the dialogue and influence the tech environment to be inclusive and diverse.


Our community‘s purpose is inspiring women to unfold their potential and thrive in tech. We promote empathy, diversity and inclusion and encourage open dialogues.

Innovation often comes from looking at challenges and potential solutions from different perspectives. The Think Tank will operate as a focus group for experts and change makers to

  • identify areas with highest impact on creating an empowering environment
  • establish best-practices, action plans and hands-on solutions
  • initiate working groups and shared activities


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Think Tank Launch (22.09.2020): 

An environment that allows talents to thrive and unfold their potential

We would like to launch the Think Tank by focusing on an inspiring vision, core challenges and arising goals.
We are delighted to welcome several confirmed participants from leading global tech firms, consulting firms, executive coaching as well as distinguished experts.


Think Tank Meeting 2 (04.11.2020)

Think Tank Meeting 3 (09.12.2020)

Think Tank Meeting 4 (20.01.2021)

Think Tank Meeting 5 (03.03.2021)

Think Tank Meeting 6 (21.04.2021)


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Event: How to Get More Women into Tech (15.09.2020): 



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