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Think of us as a business concierge service that keeps your back covered while you can focus on the essential things. From business operations, finance, setting up your corporate structure, or designing your tokenomics to developing and building your new idea from scratch – we’ll take care of it while you focus on what matters - your customers, your product, and your team.


‘As-a-service’ technologies allow businesses to make use of software, hardware and other tech solutions at a competitive cost. At Trust Square, we provide a range of offerings ‘as-a-service’.


Business Operations

We base our Business Operations offering on our experience. You have a small team and have more important things to do than taking care of your overhead activities. The costs you face when outsourcing are unpredictable because traditional service providers often lack the experience about the needs of young companies.

Our offering includes everything from defining your tokenomics, accounting, reporting and payroll.  We’ll even help you handle your insurance and tax. And if you need we'll help you out with our CFO as a service offering


IT Operations

Your CTO and tech resources shouldn’t have to worry about workplace infrastructure.

Trust Square's ‘IT-as-a-service’ offering provides a vetted and standardised set of productivity tools. This service is available at a fixed monthly cost, fully integrated and maintained.


New Business Models

If you’re aiming to digitalize your existing business or want our advice around how to create new business models on top of existing ones we can help with that too.


Need Something More Specific?

If you’re short-staffed, have just taken on a big new project, need to re-platform a solution, or are in need of an MVP for a key prospect we can provide you with an offering tailor-made to meet your unique needs and requirements.

Our Partners to scale

MLL Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Froriep Ltd
Internationial law firm based in Switzerland, with a focus on high-tech, innovative and regulated sectors.
Contento Tech
Digital Transformation through building and managing strong decentralized outsourced teams


SK Partners
Trusted experts in the fields of fiduciary services, accounting, tax, asset management and purchase and sale of real estate

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Whether you already know how Trust Square can support your business or you just want to have a chat about our services, we want to talk to you. Trust Square Chief Operating Officer Sophie looks forward to hearing from you.

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