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About Swisspreneur

Their Mission is a nonprofit organization focussed on promoting and advancing entrepreneurship in Switzerland.


Their Purpose

In Switzerland the common definition of success is completing university and getting a well paid, stable corporate job with good career possibilities. Starting your own venture or joining a startup is typically not encouraged and starting a venture that fails is viewed as a black mark on your resume. As the global economy changes and as technology alters the kind of jobs that are available to people, Swisspreneur believes that it’s critical that young Swiss people have a more open and adaptable view towards their careers. Swisspreneur thinks that helping to instill a more entrepreneurial mindset into Swiss youth is critical to Switzerland’s ability to compete in the global economy.


Their Strategy

They craft conversations with Swiss founders, business leaders and innovators both in and outside of Switzerland to inspire the next generation of Swiss entrepreneurs. Each episode deconstructs and showcases one person’s personal and professional background. It provides advice and recommendations for existing and aspiring entrepreneurs in Switzerland. All episodes are freely available in video and audio format on their website and on social media. To strengthen the local community, they hold regular events where entrepreneurs at different stages come together to share their experiences.