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Alexander Brunner

Alexander together with the Museum of Digital Art (MuDA) in Zurich is writing a book about the blockchain and cryptocurrency community in Switzerland. He is interviewing the leaders, thinkers and shakers. The book will be crowded funded this summer and published in German later on. 


ARCATrust aims at providing valuable hardware and software platform solution for storing and managing dynamically digital assets.



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Pharma Trial Phase Management

B3i Services

B3i Services AG is a startup formed to develop solutions for the insurance market using Distributed Ledger Technologies within the re/insurance industry for the benefit of all stakeholders in the value chain. B3i provides insurance solutions on a blockchain platform offering opportunities for efficiency, growth and quality across the value chain to benefit all participants including end customers.

Bitmain Switzerland

Bitmain was founded in Beijing in 2013. Since then, it has established itself as one of the most successful blockchain companies globally with customers in over 100 countries. Bitmain aims to develop advanced technologies and to become one of the leading global technology companies in supercomputing, integrated circuit design, and Artificial Intelligence products.

Blockchain Society Lab

The Blockchain Society Lab - an initiative by Stanford Peace Innovation & The Hague - contributes to a development and evolution of the blockchain and AI technologies and systems to drive positive impact on humanity and societies. It partners with actors from the blockchain and AI industry to develop tools and frameworks that support the  development, governance and testing of these token-based incentive systems and increases the transparency and education level for relevant stakeholders, e.g. public agents and regulators, city representatives, corporates. The labs runs ecosystem workshops to kickstart collaboration and positive engagement between the broad set of stakeholders, some of which may historically have never had an interaction, despite being key players in the same industry. 

Blockchain Valley Ventures

Blockchain Valley Ventures is an accelerator and venture firm incubating, developing and investing into blockchain-enabled businesses from start to ICO and beyond. Investments are done from own funding for incubation stages and through investment vehicles.


Circle is on a mission to make it possible for everyone, everywhere to create and share value. We're building a new kind of consumer finance. Unlike existing systems that are closed and proprietary, we use open internet standards and protocols, including blockchain technology, to build our products.


Comprised of over 800 blockchain experts, entrepreneurs, computer scientists, designers, engineers, consultants, educators, and business leaders with delivery experience across six continents, ConsenSys is the world’s largest blockchain venture production studio. Its vision is to use blockchain technology to create a world in which distributed applications and the Ethereum world computer support a new class of frictionless, global commerce with inclusion for all.

Curio Capital

Curio is a global online investment platform that allows qualifying investors to invest in tokenized investment grade cars. 

DeepTech Ventures

DeepTech Ventures is a team of private-equity specialists providing investors with access to early-stage companies developing or adopting deep technologies such as distributed ledger technology, the internet of things and/or machine learning. DeepTech Ventures helps world class entrepreneurs create successful companies by building a bridge to blue-chip companies and traditional industries.


Dezentrum is a think tank for decentralization. With studies, cases, and real-life experiments Dezentrum actively shapes the future of society in the digital age. We help researchers, organizations, businesses and individuals to engage with the phenomenon of decentralization in tangible and concrete ways. We provide a network of partners from academia and industry. The Dezentrum works together with experts and creatives to explore decentralized technologies  – such as blockchain – their impact on society.

Dizrupt AG

We are an early stage crypto investor - from financing token sales to later stage growth capital. Built from scratch with small seed but always big ambitions.

Flov Technologies

Flov Technologies is a Swiss FinTech company created with a vision of a global peer-to-peer marketplace that utilizes distributed ledger technology as a settlement infrastructure. We strive towards democracy in financial markets, where every individual has the same power as the large financial institutions, banks and hedge funds. 

Humanized Internet

The Humanized Internet is a Swiss-based, non-profit association, that has at its focus the notion of digital sovereignty, especially for those individuals who lack it and/or never had it. This includes individual control of personal identity sets and ethics governance on technologies like AI, among others. We are at an inflection point where transparency and the individual must be at the centre of the universe. There are challenges with centralized entities where trust is so easily given and where people are so dependent. Yet we do not have to look too far back into history to see that trust has been broken multiple times. The trust deficit is nothing new and neither is the polarity between centralization and decentralization. However, there are multiple opportunities today to address major global problems. We believe that ethics and governance will be the new currencies for the 21st century and beyond.



KACO is a Swiss based Management and Strategy Advisor enabling, guiding and facilitating the merge of traditional Financial Services with the blockchain technology.

We provide our professional and hands-on advice to blockchain ventures on their business management, development and strategy to successfully integrate their innovative blockchain solutions with the traditional value chain of Financial Institutions. Further we develop and implement digitalization strategies for traditional Asset Managers in order to facilitate the digital transformation of the operational processes by disruptive technologies like DLT.

Kira Partners

Kira Partners is a Swiss blockchain consulting group facilitating end to end blockchain ventures and ICOs. Kira Partners team have supported startups and existing companies developing and executing their blockchain strategies in Switzerland. Our partners came from industry leaders in IT, finance, legal, marketing and business management and can successfully bring your concept into reality.

Multichain Asset Managers Association

MAMA is a trade body seeking regulatory understanding and clarity around Blockchain technology in asset management. The organization represents asset management companies, investors, Blockchain technology providers, service providers and ecosystem players interested in working towards a new vision for asset management using Blockchain and other supporting decentralized technologies.  


NEO is a non-profit community-driven blockchain project. It utilizes blockchain technology and digital identity to digitize assets and automate the management of digital assets using smart contracts. Using a distributed network, it aims to create a "Smart Economy".


nexussquared is a Zurich-based business platform with a focus on blockchain technology and its application to business models across different industries. With a view to supporting diverse and broad-based innovation, nexussquared partners with institutions operating across the entire financial services spectrum and beyond.

Building on Switzerland’s competitive strengths, nexussquared has a strong global outlook and is firmly committed to enhancing Zurich’s attractiveness for international startups. It provides a range of business coaching services and consulting, and engages with public sector agencies to provide regulatory guidance and facilitate dialogue between stakeholders.

Oakura Ventures

Oakura maximizes the growth of early stage ventures through its unique, decentralized access to capital and business expertise. It’s transparent, inclusive, and co-owned by the community. With a marketplace built on the blockchain, Oakura enables the incentive-alignment of startup ecosystem stakeholders, unlocking previously untapped potential for innovation and value creation.

Lykke Switzerland

Lykke is building a global marketplace for the free exchange of financial assets. By leveraging the power of emerging technology, our platform eliminates market inefficiencies, promotes equal access from anywhere in the world, and supports the trade of any object of value. The Lykke Exchange is fast and secure.

Richard Olsen, founder and CEO, is a distinguished pioneer in high frequency finance. He has been laying the conceptual foundations for Lykke for most of his professional life. The company was established in Switzerland and received initial seed funding in 2015.

Company shares are issued as colored coins redeemable on the Lykke Exchange. Our software is open-source and non-proprietary. 


The oomnium community token. Reward-based crowdfunding platforms like and may more play an essential role in popularizing the tokenization of the startup and creative economy:

·       They already have large communicates that are familiar with the crowdfunding concept.

·       They already have proven applications covering customer onboarding, deal flow, payments, marketing and compliance.

The oomnium project will allow crowdfunding communities around the world to issue tokens in a simple and compliant process. By buying tokens investors will be able to interact with new projects, receive rewards and profit from the value growth of tokens representing the successful projects and businesses. The open source design of oomnium will create a joint crowdfunding market with enhanced liquidity and a community of millions of investors and tens of thousands of projects every year. Everything will be tokenized.


Oyoba is all about democratizing finance by providing a modern alternative to today's banks. The company's goal is to establish a next-generation digital bank in the heart of the Crypto Valley. The platform will provide its users access to a wide range of banking, fintech and blockchain services.


PikcioChain is the secure, blockchain-based, compliant data ecosystem that saves time, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction with any process that requires the collection, certification and exchange of personal data.



Procivis empowers citizens to realise their full potential by providing government-trusted digital ID solutions built around the safeguarding and self-sovereignty of personal data.

Roger That

Scenic Swisscoast

Scenic Swisscoast has emitted the first private digital Swiss Franc, made the world's 1st smart contract for the United Nations and helped creating the ecosystem around the world's 1st Ethereum funded movie. Scenic Swisscoast is an active Partner of Porini Foundation with which it created the SustainabilityChain to help achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals. Scenic Swisscoast consults and assists companies and organisations with their blockchain/DTL projects.


ScienceMatters is the next-generation science publishing platform. ScienceMatters is developing the blockchain based EUREKA platform. We operate multiple journals and have expertise in all aspects of publishing. By leveraging blockchain technology, we make the publishing process efficient, decentralised and open. Blockchain has the capacity to make research findings in the digital format immutable, transparent and decentralised. Besides the initial experiment and data acquisition, many parts of the research cycle could take place within a blockchain system. Hypothesis, discovery, attribution, incentivisation via smart contracts, and publication can be done on blockchain. We aim to democratise science through decentralisation and transparency.


Sygnum develops an integrated solution for its clients and partners to securely issue, store, transfer and manage digital assets. The purpose of the company is the development and operation of infrastructures for the management and distribution of traditional and digital value units.

Verum Capital

Verum Capital is a Swiss Blockchain advisory boutique bringing quality standards and best practice solutions to the vague world of ICOs with the support of our global network of trusted partners and investors.

We provide end to end ICO advisory services by turning hands-on execution experience and Blockchain expertise into ICO best practice solutions that are built on core values around Structure, Purpose and Trust. In collaboration with our global network of trusted partners and investors, our services cover the entire spectrum of ICOs.


vision& is a Swiss based, SRO-regulated asset manager facilitating the access to innovative blockchain investment opportunities, based on professional investment research and integrated into a traditional banking framework. vision& offers investment products and discretionary mandates to access a diversified basket of blockchain projects and guides its clients and investment partners technologically secure to a new era of investment.


Workonomix simplifies work engagement through a single, trustable talent identity. Workonomix offers talents a blockchain anchored credential wallet which enables background verifications, certificate issuance, contracting and on-boarding of staff. A proposition for people, staffing/recruiting firms, corporate HR/procurement and educational institutions, Workonomix saves time, money and enhances compliance, while simplifying the user experience for all. Our goal is to digitise the entire talent engagement lifecycle, driven by a talent owned identity.

HIT Foundation

The Health Information Traceability (HIT) Foundation matches people seeking health information with those who can provide it through a decentralized marketplace. Health information is tokenized and thereby converted into the healthcare currency of the future.





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