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About the event

Blockchain raises the exciting and disruptive prospect of decentralised financial services on the basis of distributed ledgers. Pioneers around the world are exploring the possibilities and translating them into new, customer-centric solutions. To find out what’s happening in and around decentralised stock trading, we and our partner, Zurich-based blockchain hub Trust Square, warmly invite you to our event on 21 February.

The highlight will be a talk by Timo Hotti, a solutions architect at OP Financial Group. OP Group is the largest financial services provider in Finland, with units including a bank, insurance, wealth management and healthcare services. It’s investing heavily in digitalisation to create customer-centric processes to meet the diverse needs of a broad base of corporate and retail customers. With around 20 years of experience in distributed data management architectures and innovation management behind him, Timo works on distributed ledger solutions for identity and transaction management.

Timo’s address will concentrate on the immense potential of combining the two main applications of blockchain − decentralised transactions and decentralised identities − into one solution to create a fully decentralised share trading network. He’ll be explaining how such a network functions, the lessons that have been learned so far, and his vision for the future. His talk will be followed by a panel discussion and the opportunity to connect over drinks with like-minded peers and some of the movers and shakers in blockchain.

We look forward to seeing you in Zurich on 21 February and invite you to sign up now!



18:00 Welcome from Frederik Gregaard (Advisory Director PwC Switzerland & Head Digital)
18:05 Keynote address by Timo Hotti (OP Financial Group, Finland)
18:45 Panel discussion
19:00 Drinks and light snacks


 Timo Hotti

Timo Hotti is an experienced Solutions Architect with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry.  He is an engineer professional skilled in Patent Litigation, SQL, Innovation Management, Patent Prosecution, and Entrepreneurship.


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